Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Book Review: No Weeds, No Bugs, No Bunnies

No Weeds, No Bugs, No Bunnies by Jerilynn Henrikson (Author), Patty Kahn (Illustrator)

“Jerilynn Henrikson and Patty Kahn created a series of early readers featuring Joe and his adventures with gardening. Any gardener knows that planting a garden takes determination. It seems problems always come up like weeds... or bugs... or bunnies. Follow gardener Joe in his three book journey as he learns more and more about the joys of planting, growing, and harvesting, and young readers learn more and more about the joys of learning, growing and reading!”

If you want a creative and imaginative book, read No Weeds, No Bugs, No Bunnies! 
This children’s book engages and intrigues the reader. If you adore bunnies, you will be drawn to this book. If you are a gardening expert or you have never planted a garden, you will enjoy the experiences, animal and plant identification, and problem-solving skills in this amusing tale.
Alliteration, rhyme, repetition, and imagery enhance this adorable story. The text flows smoothly introducing words at a gradual pace; repetition is not overdone and empowers learning; and sentences are clear and flawless.

If you want “reap the rewards of your labor,” read No Weeds, No Bugs, No Bunnies! 
Readers will identify and appreciate the moral of this fable. Learning to face adversity and overcome obstacles demonstrate how determined the main character, Joe, remains throughout the story. Rather than pout, scream, hurt others, or quit, Joe’s willpower inspires him to face his gardening woes. Children will be intrigued by Joe’s steadfast desire to outsmart the weeds, the bugs, and the bunnies.

If you want a “recipe for success,” read No Weeds, No Bugs, No Bunnies! 
The word list guides novice and experienced readers. A tasty lettuce salad recipe provides simple, step by step instructions and a wholesome connection to family dining. Whether you live in wealth or poverty, you will gain from this gardening experience. If you are familiar with a garden, participate in a community garden, or have no prior knowledge of gardening, you will make real world connections. Advanced learning beyond enjoying a good book is an added bonus.

If you like pictures, read No Weeds, No Bugs, No Bunnies! 
Realistic illustrations creatively enlighten the pages with color and augment the story. The brilliant shades and artwork imaginatively highlight the setting and define Joe’s antagonists giving meaning to the tale. The number of pages and dimensions of the book invite readers of any tactile mobility to view with pleasure. This is a perfect lap-size reader.

If you like a page-turner, read No Weeds, No Bugs, No Bunnies again and again.

Carmaine Ternes
Librarian, Researcher, Writer, Presenter
American Association of School Librarians

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