Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Book Review: Little Wizards by Antoine Bauza

Book Review: Little Wizards by Antoine Bauza
By: Tyler L. Felt

“Little Wizards” is a wonderfully interesting game created by French Comic and Game Designer Antoine Bauza. This seemingly simplified version of Dungeons and Dragons is both enticing and creative. It can be played as a family game that can be done in one sitting or several. Though it has a set story written out for anyone to just pick up and play, it allows for creativity and an open mind. The simplicity makes it so that younger children can play with little to no effort. This is much different from normal Dungeons and Dragons where you need to memorize different numbers and do at times some extensive math. I suggest that any parents that play table top, pencil and paper games pick up this book if they are interested in getting their children into the Table Top scene.
    The most wonderful thing about this game is that you the player create the story. Yes the game comes with pre-fabricated stories but it opens the door for more possibilities. The game itself takes place in a world called “Coinworld”. A small snip bit from the page 7: “It’s a game without winners and, more importantly, without losers”. This meaning that there is no right or wrong way to play the game. It is solely up to the players to both explore and build the story. I think my favorite part of the book is that is simplified so that kids (I’d say ages 8+) can pick up the game and understand it’s elements rather easily. It describes the roles each person takes in the game very clearly and gives you step by step instruction as to how to create a character and play the game.
    Another wonderful aspect of the game is that it doesn’t require a lot of items to play. Pencils, 6-sided die, and some copies of the character sheets in the book are all that is required. But of course the game takes time so an hour at a time works ok. Much more and I would be afraid the kids would lose interest. But if they are immersed in the story, playing longer may still be in the cards so to speak. But imagination is the key element of the game. The players need to be open to different ideas and elements of the game. Be creative with how they do things and how they go about playing the game.
    “Little Wizards” comes with everything you will need for the game (except pencils and 6-sided die). This includes a full map of Coinworld. There are two sides to Coinworld (head and tails) and depending on what side of this Coinworld your character comes from, decides what abilities you have! It is rather fascinating. Overall the book and game are wonderful and fun!

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