Sunday, December 11, 2016

First Drafts: A Literary Social- 6 December 2016

Ellen Plumb's prides itself in showcasing local writers and spreading literacy throughout our wonderful community. Each week we create prompts to engage the community in different forms of writing, allowing writers to practice their skills in a fun, encouraging environment. Here are our submissions for this week's free writing prompt.

Using the following as a starting point, write for 20 minutes without self-editing:
"Collapsing under a canopy of green..."

Green Canopy of Dreams
By Lindsey Bartlett
Collapsing under a canopy of green, we pretend that we are acrobats swinging from the vines. Together we join hands as we imagine flying high above a crowd of astonished guest. Young children clap excited, “Look, mommy! Look!” They shout. When the acrobats have safely put their feet on solid ground, out comes the elephants, wearing fancy blankets of red and gold on their backs, their trunks balancing brightly colored balls. The crowd roars with appreciation, as the big grey animals march around the tent followed by several clowns. Clowns with big feet, and painted faces containing big grins, and bright yellow suits. They juggle water balloons, letting them fall to the ground with a SPLOOSH! When the clowns run out of the tent there are tigers performing tricks, and big brown bears.
        We can almost smell the popcorn, and feel the stickiness of candy the young children gorge themselves on. Our imagination pans outside as the circus-goers stream from the tent after an evening of amazing acts and gluttony. The tent’s white and red stripes shine under the lights, like a beacon welcoming everyone of all ages to the greatest show on Earth. There is a cacophony of children’s voices, talking excited about their favorite acts:
“Dad, did you see what the elephant did?”
“Mom the acrobat was hanging by his feet!”
“Did you see? Did you see?”
        Then the daydream fades to black. We find ourselves lying hand-in-hand on mossy ground, grinning at the delights we have witnessed. Together, we stand, brush off the smattering of leaves and dirt, and leave our canopy of green to head home for dinner. When our backs are turned, we don’t notice the animals – bears, tigers, and elephants emerging from their hiding places to watch us leave. The acrobats and clowns wave a farewell until the next time we meet again.

By Becca Resner

Under a canopy of green they ruled the kingdom: A group of raggle-taggle children, who lived on the same street and firmly believed that summer is a barefoot occasion. Sprinklers belong under the trampoline to cool the children in their impossible acrobatic stunts.
Under a canopy of green she positioned herself and picked mulberries to her heart’s content. Purple fingers plucked the choicest of berries. And a bird dropped a purple poop on the stomach of her t-shirt.
Under a canopy of stars the neighborhood children joined in midnight hide-n-seek games. Always best to wear dark clothes and shy away from the streetlamps. After the first time, the little girl always kept her hands in front of her when running to the designated “Base” tree, so she didn’t smack into it again.
Under the canopy of disguise, she sneaked into her parents’ bedroom and carefully stole enough for ice cream truck money, while making sure that her mom wouldn’t notice. She did, but her trick was not letting on to the little girl that her tactics were futile.

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