Thursday, December 1, 2016

First Drafts: A Literary Social- 22 November 2016

Ellen Plumb's prides itself in showcasing local writers and spreading literacy throughout our wonderful community. Each week we create prompts to engage the community in different forms of writing, allowing writers to practice their skills in a fun, encouraging environment. Here are our submissions for this week's creative prompt

Write a poem with the title “Stuffed”.

    V. to fill (a receptacle or space)
         tightly with something

I attempt to mend the wound you left
by stuffing it full of empty promises to myself.

I write a letter stuffed with tiny fragments.
A visual reminder of my own shattered thoughts.

I put your stuff into boxes and hide
them away in an attic to collect dust.

I am weighed down by the stuff we
shared. Now only broken pieces remain.

One day I will fill my life with leftover
dreams. The stuff that I cling to now that you
have gone.
By Lindsey Bartlett

By Lindsey Bartlett

We put love notes in books before
placing them back on the shelves,
In an attempt to fill the empty
spaces where loved ones have hurt us.

You remind me not to mourn all
the things I cannot change, rather
bring hope to those who don’t know
they are looking for it.

I replace my tears with the
words you wrote in the book
you left on a shelf. And I
stuffed my insecurities away

for just a little while.

Stuffed by Becca Resner Sometimes I eat too much: Breakfast, supper lunch. A nap is always semi-mandatory after such occasions. I’m lucky that I’m not fatter, because I love to eat; It’s one of my favorite pastimes. And there’s nothing so satisfying as sleepy contentment in my tummy.

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