Sunday, November 6, 2016

First Drafts: A Literary Social- 18 October 2016

Ellen Plumb's prides itself in showcasing local writers and spreading literacy throughout our wonderful community. Each week we create prompts to engage the community in different forms of writing, allowing writers to practice their skills in a fun, encouraging environment. Here are our submissions for this week's acrostic poem prompt.

Write an acrostic poem for Halloween. 
An acrostic poem is a type of poetry where the first, last, or other letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase.

Here Be Halloween
Lindsey Bartlett

Here be witches and goblins, ghosts and superheroes.
Arriving on doorsteps expecting
Loads of candy, armfuls of it in fact.
Lollipops, Snickers, and Reese's
Oh my!
Wee little spooks out for adventure
Everyone handing out lots of sugar
Even apples become candied, caramel coated.
No one need be afraid on Halloween night.

Harry Potter’s First Halloween
By Becca Resner

Harry Potter sat at his first Hogwarts feast:
All the meat pies and tasty treats
Lured the students’ hungry stares
Leaving a delicious tension in the air.
Over everyone’s heads hung grinning Jack-O-Lanterns
While sounds of laughter and clinking dishes erupted.
Even the house ghosts joined in, in their fashion.
Everyone, full, fell into murmurs, but
Never did anyone expect a troll!

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