Monday, November 7, 2016

ARC- Edgar and Lucy by Victor Lodato

Ellen Plumb's is lucky to receive advanced reader copies (ARC) of books yet to be put on the shelf. This allows us to get feedback on the books from readers in our community. 

A review of Edgar and Lucy by Victor Lodato
Lindsey Bartlett

Edgar and Lucy is part saga and part coming of age story. It is also all parts dark and strange. At the center of the novel is the Fini family, Florence, the grandmother, Lucy, daughter-in-law, and Edgar, Lucy’s albino son and Florence’s grandson. A family still trying, and in many ways failing to overcome their grief; grief at the loss of Frankie, son, husband, and father, and even though he is dead it seems that he is the invisible catalyst for so many of the events that occur throughout the novel.
This story of love and grief is mainly told through the eyes of eight year old Edgar, whose loyalty is torn between the two women in his life. His mother Lucy is flighty, scatterbrained, and usually flitting off with various suitors in the evening. Though she loves her son, she is unsure how to act around him. On the other hand Edgar’s grandmother, Florence, dotes on the boy to the point where the two are fully dependent on the other. Then Florence, the glue that seems to hold the family together dies, and the lives of Edgar and his mother spin horribly out of control.
When Edgar disappears, Lucy is left scrambling trying to find the boy. Here the novel takes a dark and strange turn that is foreshadowed from the beginning by the random appearances of a bearded man in a green truck. Edgar and Lucy will cause the reader to feel all the anger, pain, fright, and sometimes almost hallucinatory feelings that each of the characters experience as a broken family struggles to find one another and to stay together despite their losses.

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