Monday, November 7, 2016

ARC- Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Ellen Plumb's is lucky to receive advanced reader copies (ARC) of books yet to be put on the shelf. This allows us to get feedback on the books from readers in our community. 

Review: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough, Flatiron Books, 1st edition, 2017 Price: $25.99
ISBN: 97- 1250111173
Available to the public in January of 2017

Review by Hazel Hart, Emporia, Kansas

Throughout my reading of Behind Her Eyes, a psychological, supernatural, suspense novel, I kept turning back to the epigraph, a quotation from Benjamin Franklin: “Three can keep a secret if two are dead”, and wondering which combination of characters, dead and alive, make up the three.
On the surface, the story is a common one of a cheating husband, a wife who loves him and refuses to let go, and the other woman. David, the cheating husband, and Adele, his loyal but somewhat deranged wife, have just moved to London, starting over after some mysterious event in their past. David must keep a short leash on Adele, an heiress with mental problems.
Enter Louise, 34, a divorced mother who goes out for an evening and meets a man with whom she shares a brief flirtation and kiss, only to find out the next workday when he tours her workplace with his wife that he is her new boss. Not wanting to meet them together, she hides in the bathroom until they leave.
Louise confronts David, her psychiatrist boss, on his first day of work. The two agree that beyond the kiss nothing physical happened between them, and they’ll keep it that way. Their pact might have worked if Adele had not intervened, setting up a “chance” meeting with Louise and becoming her friend, swearing Louise to secrecy, saying her husband would not approve of their friendship. Louise tells Adele she works for Adele’s husband and saw them together at the office, but she does not admit to meeting him previously and sharing a kiss.
Adele wants to be friends with Louise and does not want David to know.
David wants an affair with Louise and does not want Adele to know.
Louise knows she should avoid the affair and tell Adele the truth. She does neither. As she grows closer to Adele, she begins to doubt David’s good character, to think he may be abusing Adele. And Adele has her own secrets. It is soon obvious to the reader that Adele knows about the meeting and the developing affair, knowledge she does not share with Louise or David as she works toward building a friendship with Louise. How she knows about the relationship is one of the mysteries that kept me turning the pages. Another mystery is her obsession with improving Louise’s looks, helping Louise lose weight and improve her wardrobe. While not typical wronged-wife behavior, it is all a part of Adele’s plan.
Once again, who are the two who are dead and who is the survivor? Sarah Pinborough skillfully hides the answer until the last chapter. Before Behind Her Eyes, I had not read anything by Sarah Pinborough. After finishing the novel, I want to read all of her books.

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